Acces / Admission Details


September 1 to April 30: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (visitors are admitted until 4:00 pm)

May 1 to August 31: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (visitors are admitted until 4:00 pm)

Days Closed

Every Monday (but open if Monday a national holiday)

The day after a public holiday (but open if the public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday)

Year-end/New Year holidays (December 28 to January 4)

The Institute may open on some of the above days on certain occasions.


General public and university students ¥320
High-school students and younger Free

*The admission fees have been revised since October 1, 2019 due to the consumption tax increase.

Persons aged 65 or over are admitted free. Please present some form of identification indicating age.

Disabled persons, plus one caregiver per disabled person, are admitted free. Please present your Disabled Person's Notebook or similar identification.

The following persons are admitted free.

  • ・FNSM members
  • ・Repeaters Pass holders
  • ・Supporting Members
  • ・Students of University Partnership member universities and the instructors leading them

Persons wishing to re-enter the Institute on the same day are asked to inquire at the information desk.

Entrance to the Institute is free on May 4 (Greenery Day), May 18 (International Museum Day) and November 3 (Culture Day).

Notice Regarding Entry to the Institute for Nature Study

To ensure an appropriate environment within the Institute for Nature Study, the following acts are prohibited on Institute premises:

  1. Collecting plants or animals
  2. Consumption of alcohol
  3. Smoking (except in designated areas)
  4. Littering (note that garbage cans are provided at the front gate only)
  5. Trespassing in fenced-off areas
  6. Jogging, sports, noisy group activities, or other activities likely to disturb other users of the Institute
  7. Sales of goods and photography/video shooting for commercial purposes

The following items may not be brought into the Institute:

  • ・Plants or animals
  • ・Balls, ropes or other sporting equipment
  • ・Nets, traps etc. for catching insects
  • ・Alcoholic beverages
  • ・Radios , Musical instruments

*In recent years there have been problems with the increase in the numbers of red-eared sliders, black bass and bluegill. The release of species not native to a locale is extremely dangerous, as it threatens the original flora and fauna.

Notice regarding Institute facilities

The bathroom in the Exhibition Hall is designed for use by ostomates.